On the Farm

BeachBarnRose with TheBoyWhoLovesMushrooms and Cricket in the lower pasture 

Seven of us are on the farm this week–all three generations. We have three major objectives: fence the property line between our farm and a 6-acre plot still belonging to the original owner; installing a gate on the lane leading into our property; and planting three hundred trees for a windbreak.


The weather is not being kind to us. Last week daily highs were in the 60s-70s; today the high was 37 and it was snowing as we finished for the day.

Taking turns digging the post holes. More rocks than dirt!

Today we dug 42-inch deep holes by hand through rocks and clay for fence poles. We are using sections of telephone poles for the corners and at points of inflection; we will use T-posts in between. We were able to place three of seven posts and the first run of 650 feet of barbed wire. We hope to finish the 1100-foot fence tomorrow.

TheBoyWhoLovesMushrooms with a Daffodil from the farm’s old homesite

Food and Lodging

Since there are no amenities–water, toilets, electricity, etc.–on the land we are staying at the Ft Leonard Wood Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area (LORA) in Linn Creek, MO. LORA is about 25 miles from the farm, but it’s a great facility. We have a 2-bedroom cabin, fully furnished including linens, and with a full kitchen–for $90/night.

One way we are making this trip affordable for seven people is by cooking almost all of our meals here. BeachBarnRose did some excellent planning to make it possible to have great breakfasts without having to get up at 0500 and great dinners without having to eat at 2000. Her secret weapons: using our rice cooker to make oatmeal (each time with a different combination of fruits and nuts); using our slow cooker so dinner was ready when we got back in the evening; and cooking lots of things sheet-style. Sheet-style? Well, yes, like sheet mac & cheese and sheet omelettes. Put a square of sheet omelette between two slices of toast and –voila–breakfast sandwiches you can eat on the go with extras for lunch. Another winner: breakfast egg cups cooked in muffin pans.

Setting Up Camp

Even though we slept and cooked at LORA we still needed a base camp where we could use a toilet and get out of the wind and rain or where the little ones could lie down. BeachBarnRose found an awesome 12’x12′ tent with a screen room on the front, ordered it, and then set it up on what we hope will be our homesite. Soon she had a stove going and there was fresh hot coffee and warmed up leftovers for lunch.

TheBoyWhoLovesushrooms cutting up avacados for sandwiches

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