On the Farm-Day 2

Colder today than yesterday–10 degrees F colder. It was 28 when we arrived and 27 when we left. As long as there was no wind we were okay, and while digging post holes we actually had to shed a layer of clothes. We’re looking forward to tomorrow when it will get up to a balmy 44!

JoeFish digging a post hole

Today we finished digging the post holes for corner and mid-line posts. We stretched the top wire on the 450 ft N-S run, pounded in the T-posts on the N-S and E-W runs, and clipped the wire to the T-posts.

The N-S (450 foot) run
The much more challenging 650′ E-W uphill run. The concrete blocks prevent the tension on the barbed wire from pulling the posts out of the ground.
Keeping warm by a fire at the end of the day

Side Trip

While PaterFamilias and JoeFish worked on the fence with help from neighbors, the rest of the crew–BearchBarnRose, SheWalksWithFlowers, HobbitFarmGirl, TheBoyWhoLovesMushrooms, and Cricket–drove to Columbia, MO. The major motivation for the trip was to let HobbitFarmGirl become more acquainted with the town where she’d like to go to college in a couple of years. As a bonus, SheWalksWithFlowers had a date to meet an Instagram friend and there was a plan to do some grocery shopping. The side trip turned out very well, but the return trip took longer than expected. Enter Eagle Scout JoeFish who soon had a very nice fire going where we could reax in relative comfort while waiting for our ride.

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