On the Farm – Day 4

It’s Thursday and we’re behind schedule. The fence is almost but not quite complete. We have 150 trees left to plant. We haven’t even started installing gates or closing gaps in the existing fences. And we are tired. Really tired. None of us is accustomed to doing this kind of hard manual labor for days at a time.

Today JoeFish and PaterFamilias took turns working on the fence and planting trees. By the end of the day the fence was complete–but not without some embarrassing re-work. We realized too late that we had installed a steel brace backwards. An amateurish mistake that gave us an opportunity to practice a little humility in the face of the gentle kidding of our neighbors. Still, it cost us precious time to remove the brace, reset the post, install the brace the right way, and re-tension the wire.

BeachBarnRose and PaterFamilias install a shield around a newly-planted White Pine seedling

Now that we’ve got a fair number of trees planted, SheWalksWithFlowers is trying to catch up with the watering. In the meantime, HobbitFarmGirl is adding hay as mulch around each seedling to conserve moisture and to decrease competition from pasture grasses we didn’t have time to burn out.

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