A Quick Visit

7 Apr 2017

I was on a business trip to St Louis and arranged my travel to depart on Friday evening. On Friday morning I rented a vehicle and drove to the homestead.


On arriving at the farm I came over the brow of the hill near where we plan to build our house and saw a posse of turkeys. (I am not making this up–the common collective nouns for turkeys include posse, rafter, and gang!) It is unclear whether I or the turkeys were more surprised. On seeing them I stopped the car and sat quietly, hoping not to drive them off; on seeing me they took to running or to flight. I saw at least one perched in the lower limbs of a tree about a hundred yards off.

A little hard to see, but there are four turkeys running away…
The Work Continues…

I had two objectives for this brief visit. I wanted to check on the status of the trees we had planted; and I wanted to close off another opening in the perimeter fence. I was able to accomplish those tasks and more!

While I didn’t have time to examine every tree, it appeared they are doing well. In particular, I saw lots of buds on the red oak seedlings.

The red oaks are showing buds and the white pines look nice and green.
On the way to the farm I stopped at a local hardware store and bought 40 feet of steel cable and some hardware. I used these materials to close off the last remaining opening in the perimeter fence.

All entrances to the farm are now gated or closed off with steel cable.
There was a gate in the back of the hay barn that had been removed for some reason. I reinstalled it and added a lock. Now the barn is relatively secure.

It’s a creaky old gate but it’s up and locked.
Everything else looked great.

It was a pleasure to be able to spend a few hours just driving and walking over the farm. The hay was a lush green after the recent rains and the air was cool and clear.

I can’t wait to get back!

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