The Trees Are Doing Well…

A Quick Visit

Pater Familias had a business trip near the farm. So, Pater Familias and Beach Barn Rose stopped by the farm to check on things.

Beach Barn Rose

The Windbreak

In March we planted 250 saplings–red oaks, white pines, and deciduous holly–to form a windbreak. On this trip we found that all but one of the oaks and all but seven of the hollies were prospering. The white pines did not fare so well–we lost about a quarter of them. Overall, we are very pleased. Next year we will fill in the gaps where we lost trees and we’ll extend the windbreak.

We used a weedeater to cut the grass around each of the trees. This reduces the competition for moisture and nutrients.

Finally, we planted a young (5′) flowering dogwood near what we expect will be our home site.


What NOT to Drive Through the Pasture

What NOT to drive through the pasture!

It was a road trip, so taking the comfortable car–the Chrysler 300–seemed to make sense. However, when we were driving around through the wet, foot-high grass in the pastures it occurred to us that the 300 is not a farm vehicle.

We drove down into the lower pasture to check on the fences we installed in March. Getting down the hill was not a problem–but getting back up was.

The creek had water flowing and the creek bed was rearranged by the flow during the heavy May rains. What would normally have been a navigable crossing was now impassible. We had no choice but to go back up the hill we had just come down.


I tried over and over to get back up the hill, each time choosing a different starting point, speed, and angle along the slope. Each failed attempt ended with the stalled car sliding sideways toward some trees. After about thirty tries I was lucky and got past the problem area. The car was a dirty mess but undamaged.

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